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cycycychris said:

I was one of the people who voted no on this poll (few days ago). Personally, I am not in support of removing the down vote system on articles. Some might argue that it stifles posting on articles. But we have had some of the highest posting rates I have ever seen on articles in the past year. To me, it seem that changes talon made a year ago has made our comment section a lot more enticing. It doesn't seem that the downvote system is really affecting much. About 95% of the time I look at a downvoted post, it is something that is low effort, its an opposing console fan posting on another consoles article, or just something stupid. Its been abused before, but I don't think its a huge issue.

On the issue of allowing supporters to have an extra vote, while i haven't been always a fan of this program, but the supporter rewards over the years have kind of gotten worse. Especially after we no longer track software and they couldn't see the rest of the top list anymore. I know when I considered buying a supporter membership a while ago, one thing I did consider is that I could get a bit extra voice in the upvote system. I think most mainly get it for the ad removal, but several supporters in this thread have said its a important feature for them. So I do not think it should be removed.

So here is here is a solution that could help. I think that the upvote and downvote system could no longer be an anonymous system any more. I think that when you hover over the count for a post, you should be able to see a breakdown for who upvoted the post and who has down voted the post. The members who are supporter should also have the supporter metal by there name so people will know that they have the extra votes. I think putting a name to the votes will help stop any troll downvoting or even upvoting. Alternatively, if you don't want to reveal who upvote and who downvoted, you could also just present a list of user who voted on this post. Secondly, I can also support the removal of hiding feature when post get more than 10 downvotes.

ok since this is what most of the other posters where saying i was crying about.


Not too interested in it at all, they had the perfect lead to play Drake with Nathan Fillion, but yeah dont give the fans of the game what they want just pick Spiderman... If this is how Sonys choice of actors are going to be i dont have much hope for the other video game movies they have in production."

you can look at that post. Whats wrong with it?