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theRepublic said:

Found a pretty cool website called that has price histories on the eshop. Looks like a lot of these games go on sale pretty frequently, so I don't really need to be in the hurry I thought I needed to be.

Personally I like because it shows the prices in all the countries. Given that the Switch allows you to freely change your account's country, it comes in really handy. I know it sounds fishy but everyone I know uses it all the time and it seems to be alright.

theRepublic said:
mZuzek said:

If you've never played Okami, that's as big a stand out as there is. Best version of a masterpiece.

I am strongly considering Okami.  I have it on the Wii, but you have mentioned before this is the best version.  I stopped on the Wii about half way through (I think), so this may be a good time to go back to it.

What mode did you play it in?  Handheld?  With the Joycons for motion control?

If what you think is halfway through is the part of the game I'm thinking about, that's probably a pretty normal time to stop. The game's pacing does suffer a bit around the middle of the game, but when things get exciting again, it's hype all the way.

I played it docked, with the split joy-cons on each hand like it'd be with the wiimote+nunchuk. The motion controls work wonderfully well like this, and the feedback on the HD rumble is super immersive when running around - it's kinda ridiculous that the best use of the feature I've seen is in an old third-party port, but alas. The HD rumble and gyro controls are what sets the Switch version apart from the other HD ports, but any of the HD ports still have big advantages over the Wii version, those being 1080p, the full non-botched ending (the Wii version had the credits and after-credits scenes inexplicably removed), better skippable cutscenes, and, well, you don't need to waggle your controller to do an attack.

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