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zero129 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:

You the one that replied to me in the first place accusing me of downvoting you !?!? You the one that made it personal, you the one crying your comments are getting downvoted and your comments hiden, you the one that made this thread because of it. 

Following you around ? Ahah you are fucking hilarious bro, even if i voted you down its not enough to hide your comments🤣, you get way more downvotes because people just dont like your comments.

Everyone see the vote / downvote ratio , if you have a comment with -15 ratio or something everyone sees it , everyone not just me so i dont get wtf you even talking about at this point seriously.

I already said i dont care if they take this i didnt pay for anything and i said already multiple times this should not have been implemented, but carry on trying to put words on my mouth.

I never accused you of down voting me with my original reply to you that was in my 2nd reply, so once again i just think your admitting to something you clearly do.. Do you know how many users we have on the forums and how many look at the articles?. The system is broke when users like you can follow people around and just down vote them the minute you see their name and then have twice the voting power, add in your 2nd account that im pretty sure you have even if you say its your friends like in your other comment and well im sure you see the problem.

I admit, i cant live without downvoting you, i stalk you with my 10 accounts all with gold perks to hurt your feelings, i spend 700 dolars in this and my other accounts every year just to see you suffer like this, having your ego crush like this. I eat , sleep and shit thinking about it. And now i am going to pay some people to create a shit ton of downvoting bots.