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Getting mad that your downvoting powers are being removed is pretty much painting yourself as the reason it should be removed. Expecting a refund because someone took away something that shouldn't have ever existed in the first place just shows the reason why it was purchased in the first place. 

Nobody should be able to silence a user because their system preference doesn't align with your own, or because you personally don't like that user. I've been supporter since it was introduced, adblock on mobile browsers that don't support general adblocking and blocking users you don't wish to interact with is (and has always been) a great reason why supporter should exist. 

This Friday will be the first time it's ever expired but figured I'd throw my opinion in beforehand in support of removing the extra voting powers, both downvoting and upvoting. With how small the VGC community is, creating anymore devide with people not even being able to post in comment's without the risk of being downvoted for seemingly nothing is not something this site needs. 

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