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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
zero129 said:

Why would they refund them or need to?. They can still allow people to have double up vote power. So unless someone is a sucky user who only got their supporter status to use double down votes i dont see what the problem is.

Like Ryuu said things get removed from subscription services all the time and im sure they can find another perk to replace taking away the down votes.

I guess your one of the ones who use your supporter status to down vote everything but its fine you will still have your double up vote power so now you can think about what your using them on instead of just reading someones name and clicking down vote.

Also im all for showing the names of people who up vote or down vote things being shown as it can show who is abusing the system for the sake of just having the money to do so.


First i dint pay for anything.

Second i think this should have never been implemented, but now that is done i do think its shitty to take something away people pay. And thats it.

And finally attacking me will not fix your bruised ego, you getting massive downvotes have a reason to be my dude. Even if they remove the voting perks you will still get the same downvotes and low upvotes like you are getting , voting perks are to upvote as much as downvote. The problem is you not the system.

First of all i didnt attack you but your ego is now hurt not mine as that is clear with your reply trying to make it look personal. 

Like i said we have been over the whole voting thing, its not my fault if your following me around abusing your powers like you clearly just admitted to here. Otherwise how would you know how many votes i get in anything?. hmm food for thought i guess.