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Ka-pi96 said:
EricHiggin said:

As a comment gets more likes vs dislikes, it rises in the list, correct?

Just like too many dislikes vs likes and it goes down and potentially get's hidden?

Why not have the list always be made top down by first come first serve?

Not only does that force people to read through more than just the top few to get a proper feel, but it's easy enough to see the likes vs dislikes. 

That way you can leave both like and dislike alone, and refrain from hiding.

I don't see the point in overly propping something up or hiding it, other than maybe to reduce a really long string of comments here and there.

There's a "Sort By" option at the top of the article section. You can have it in newest/oldest order, or even the downvoted comments at the top if you want.

As for the topic, if you don't want to get downvoted then don't say stupid things. Simple.

This has already been said but if it was only the case of stupid comments getting down voted this conversation wouldnt even be a thing. Its clearly a big problem on this site.

I also love how if you look at the number of users posting in this thread for the down votes to be removed clearly out number the amount of people who dont want them removed but yet the pull at the top doesnt reflect that. I honestly now believe the is also a lot of Dub accounts with supporter status thats owned by a few users. Them same users Ryuu talked about who has supporter status but yet never post in the forums so i hope the mods dont look at the pull and instead look at the opinions in this thread as clearly its to easy to fake the pull numbers too for some users.