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Regarding Forum Likes, I think it enables people who normally wouldn't want to respond just to say they agree with something, to show their appreciation for what someone said.
But at the same time it may decentivize someone from posting a response, when they normally would, since they can just click 'Like'.

Though I believe the main issue is that it is much easier to get support for negativity and toxicity on the internet. And especially when it is anonymous.
If a long, well constructed positive post gets a couple of likes (partially because some people don't have the time to read through it all), a reply that simply says "F*** off, you fanboy", will get 7x the amount of likes.

People know this. And a few are seemingly designing their replies with this in mind.

If forum likes were no longer anonymous, that should at least eliminate that problem.
But I don't know if something like that is even up for consideration right now, since I don't think Talon is available.

Last edited by Hiku - on 27 December 2021