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Technically downvotes don't remove a comment, they hide it, if you hover over the comment you should see a little + symbol to the side which you click to expand the comment again and so you can see it.

Having said that, I'm in favour of their removal, I think it hurts discussion, I think it will discourage users from posting and I'm fairly confident in believing that folk use them simply for console war reasons or use them against users they dislike without bothering to read the comment, I also hate having to constantly click expand to see the comments.

And I don't like the Supporter perk which gives extra voting power, it causes an inaccurate representation of the community when a few users could have like 10x voting power between them, especially when the site is as small as it is right now, at minimum I think the perk needs to be removed but I feel for the Staff because it's a perk to encourage signups for their pay as they get sh*t from Ioi.

Honestly I think I could be convinced to support removing upvotes from threads too, I do wonder if they also hurt discussion, no need to put any thought into a reply or be like "yeah, I agree, for these reasons" when you can just click "like"