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So imo i believe the Down vote should be removed from articles or at least stop posts from being hiding if they get past a number of down votes .

Also 2-5x down votes should be removed from supporters if down votes are kept.

I believe people are now simply using the Down vote butting not to disagree with someone, but to hide other opinions on the articles and make it look like everything is fine and dandy with echo champers of love for whatever is in said news story as if everyone is happy with whatever the topic is.

down votes are being used for console Waring and not for what its intended use was, then when you add users who can 2x or 5x down vote users in such a small pool of active users on the articles it just makes for a broken system.

I also think that just like with the threads if we only had up votes it would make people think a bit more about the comments they are up voting.

So imo 1 of 2 things should happen.

Ether the Down votes get removed (Best option imo)


Stop down votes from making comments vanish and allowing supporters to have twice or more the voting power of non supporters and limit their up votes so they will use them more wise. unless a mod deems them comments offensive or in bad taste or trolling etc, then the mod should remove them. At the end of the day we have a report button on articles too

What say the rest of you guys about the this and whats the best way to fix it?.

Last edited by zero129 - on 30 December 2021