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Conina said:
Bandorr said:

Pondering the wishlist what does sort by :YOUR RANK - mean?
In this statement who is "your".

I didn't rank these games. Did the creator of the list rank them?

Yeah, it should be the ranking of the creator.

But as you already found out, you can't trust this ranking, since many Steam users just add games to the wishlist and don't micromanage the ranking.

Therefore I sort the wishlist by discount. Bigger discounts = more games for the gift recipient.

I also like to gift games of the wishlist which I enjoyed myself... makes it more personal.

Indeed I'm debating that. More has a better chance of getting them a game they like. But more expensive gets them a game they may not have gotten for themselves due to the price.

Best Seller is an interesting option since they may want a game that is "in" right now.

Also most discounted is a good option. Why get a $10 game that was $10 last week. So I start with things that are on sale.

You are bound to love Earthbound.