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Ryuu96 said:
trunkswd said:

I finished the campaign tonight on stream. Only took 6 hours to go from doing the beacons to the end. That final boss hot damn that was tough with all the other enemies in between. The end credits with Atriox being alive I totally saw coming a mile away. So in future DLC/next Halo game we will likely have to deal with more of the Banished with Atriox leading them, The Endless, Sentinels, and possibly even the return of the Flood.

What I want to know. Is Earth safe? What happened to the rest of Blue team, the Arbiter and the rest of the good elites that sided with humans at the end of the Covenant war and that we saw in Halo 5?

Dunno about Sentinels, if Offensive Bias is being redeployed to deal with The Endless then surely we won't be fighting Sentinels, unless Chief finds a way to make Offensive Bias his enemy, Lol.

Earth is 'safe' in the sense that it isn't destroyed but I don't know beyond that, Cortana only blew up Sydney but Lord Hood, Serin Osman and others fled Earth to another undisclosed planet, what that means for Earth, Idk, it may be weakly guarded right now with the UNSC scattered.

Also unknown if the AIs who sided with Cortana have surrendered or not and if all Guardians are deactivated.

Blue Team was sent off on a different mission by Lasky, shortly before the events of Halo Infinite.

Arbiter + Swords of Sanghelios are very likely busy defending their own planet, Arbiter had to retake his planet from Covenant splinter groups, likely still a few around but Jul Mdama's was the largest, then Cortana came along with Guardians.

Thank you for the explanation.

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