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Going back to one of my main disappointments in the story, the lack of character development for Tovarus, Hyperius and Jega, I don't know how Tovarus/Hyperius ended up with less character development than the Brute at the start, Lol. It irked me a little, especially with them being hyped up as Spartan Killers, Jega had a little more but not nearly enough, I wanted them to explore further that friendship between Jega and Escharum as it's rare for Brutes and Elites to be friends.

Anyway, I hope they bring in Let 'Volir, Voridus and Pavium eventually, I'm not sure how it will work though, I can't think of a reason why they would leave The Ark unless we go to The Ark instead, fairly sure The Ark can control Zeta Halo remotely still...? The Ark is vital to maintain control over...Hmm.

I would just love to see Voridus and Pavium mainly, their brotherly bond brought something different to Brutes, I wonder if Pavium would defect to defend his often screwing up, little brother. Let Volir is also interesting as a reluctant joiner of The Banished, I think it opens up some interesting scenes between him and Arbiter/Half-Jaw if they came in too, I wouldn't really want any of them to die though, Lol.

But with Escharum and his crew dead, who does Atriox surround himself with? Does he pluck random commanders from The Banished currently stationed on Zeta Halo? If so, why didn't Escharum have them? Or does he pull his Banished forces to Zeta Halo?