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Angelus said:

Yea, Cortana really went fucking hard in the paint on those big space monkeys lol. I don't honestly get the sense that it changed Atriox all that much though. Even before it happened, he seemed very calm about the whole thing. Obviously, he'll have been seething inside, but even in that moment he didn't let his emotions get the best of him. Then he simply moved forward with a plan of action for what to do next. Also, there was at least one grunt tower in the game that still called for humans to join the banished, and this is all after the Brute planet has already been destroyed, so I'm thinking they're still open to anyone joining up.

Ah! That's good, I missed that.

I'm not trying to justify The Banished in any way, they're evil but I like that their motivations and goals are beyond simply "We're evil and we want to genocide everything" The fact that Atriox is open to all species makes him smarter, less guided by pure emotion, it is easier to see why people would fall under his banner due to his origins and how he tries to present The Banished and now with Doisac destroyed, it even more so will unite Brutes under him and heck, maybe other species, as they were fucked over by Cortana too, Lol, Atriox has an easy angle to play now in his recruitment.