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Wonder how Atriox takes his homeworld being destroyed and if it changes him, he was open to Humans joining The Banished and said he held no hatred towards Humans (or Elites) but does that change with a Human made AI blowing up his planet, I hope it doesn't, I like Atriox the way he is, someone who saw through the Prophets bullshit, who considered Humans to be victims of The Covenant too, he's not a genocidal maniac like the Prophets, as Chief says about Escharum, Atriox thinks he is doing the right thing by 'freeing' everyone and Humans he fights are just obstacles who won't get out his way, Halo Wars 2 he even repeatedly gave Spirit of Fire opportunities to leave.

Sorta feel sympathy for Brutes now, they're all going to unite under Atriox now and it's sorta understandable, a Human made construct destroyed their homeworld, now, Brutes are a violent species but there was some good Brutes from that planet, Lydus and his clan being one of them, we're talking about blowing up a planet with children on it too, millions of innocents, Cortana went way too far, Doisac is made up of clans, yeah, a few are united under Atriox but not all of them, she just collective punished the entire planet to try to make Atriox bend the knee, f*cking insane, Lol.

Just re-watched the scene and there's a very brief display of emotion from Atriox.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 12 December 2021