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Yeah, I checked the credits, Atriox VA is different, John DiMaggio for HW2, Ike Amadi for Halo Infinite...This...Displeases me

I think John was better, no offense to Ike as I thought his Locke was fine but John's Atriox is far superior, I knew something was off the moment he spoke, I don't know why 343 changed it but change it back, Lol.

Comparison of the two.

Also, Atriox's facial downgrade from the start to the end, Lol.

Halo Infinite (Start)

Halo Infinite (End)

Lol. What happened? I hope he doesn't look like that in the future, it's a jarring downgrade to his badass look.

Also, I've noticed half his face is burnt.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 12 December 2021