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Angelus said:
VersusEvil said:

The scene were The Weapon realises who she is was so well done. Quite a few scenes where pretty moving. And yeah ... My mind went blank before hitting send, ofc you can kill the Endless as I just did lmao. Unless, we just killed a copy of her :P .. Im really intrigued to know why they're referred to as the Endless and it's implications. On a side note I found a few of those doors that look like the ones a monitor usually opens dotted at random spots around the world, wonder if they where cut "dungeons" of some sort.

Yea, that scene was great. The reveal was of course an obvious one, so for it to still be such an impactful scene really shows how much love and care went into writing.

Just generally, I had warm fuzzy feelings the whole time playing this game.

Definitely gonna miss old Cortana too...I might have sobbed a little lol. She had to go, of course, but many good times. Chief and Cortana is fam.

Yeah I loved that scene, Jen was really great as The Weapon, I also felt sad at Cortana dying, it had to happen since she turned genocidal but I will miss that Cortana and when I replay classic Halo's, it's gonna hurt seeing Cortana

Her biggest fear came true as well, Chief got a new Cortana model...

But I love The Weapon, I think she's great in her own way.

Angelus said:
Ryuu96 said:

Grand Edict: "Time will forget they ever existed"

Despondant Pyre: "Time is not a construct we can control"

Grand Edict: "And we cannot allow it to be theirs"

And then he says "We will learn their secrets" so it seems the main purpose to locking them up was because they want to learn their time manipulation secrets which, once again, points towards the Forerunners being utter bastards, Lol.

But I still wonder how strong they really are, I mean, Harbinger didn't do anything crazy to Chief apart from teleport everywhere so just how strong are their abilities? Their biggest threat seems to be being immune to Halo which is enough to be a scary threat. Time stuff is always tricky to get right so I hope 343 know what they're doing, Lol.

Ahh, I didn't see it from that perspective regarding the logs but that makes sense, The Forerunners are massive control freaks, so it's not that The Endless are more dangerous than The Flood but Forerunners being the control freaks they are, know that The Endless could screw up all their future plans and become the top dog of the Galaxy, that makes a lot more sense and I like that.

Yeah, Forerunners have done a lot of shady stuff, like killing their creators, Lol and indirectly causing the creation of The Flood.

Makes ya wonder, nobody truly knows what happened between Forerunners and Precursors and who was in the wrong, do The Endless know?

Well, the Harbinger, ultimately was just one Endless. We know too little about them to say they aren't a big threat beyond their knowledge of time manipulation (whatever that entails EXACTLY). Perhaps they're not truly dangerous individually, but massively so as a whole. Or perhaps the Harbinger just represents a very minor example of an endless. Are they even one race? Or are they another faction/collection of races working as one? It's all incredibly vague at this point. 343 could take it in a number of different directions.

True, she could be a lower ranking one or it could be multiple races.

I do think they're a big threat regardless of the time stuff simply on the basis of being immune to Halo, they could nuke the entire Galaxy and walk away fine but maybe Forerunners wanted to experiment and see if they could achieve their time manipulation abilities and expand them.

Angelus said:
Ryuu96 said:

Maybe they're immortal if they can manipulate time?

Even Forerunners aren't immortal but they can live for a stupidly long time, thousands of years.

Am I the only one who got Flood vibes though? Harbinger straight up quoted Gravemind multiple times and their names are similar (The Timeless One/The Endless), she drove Marines insane just from talking to them, ala Flood.

I need to know more! Lol.

Yea, the Gravemind quote drop from the Harbinger was definitely very interesting. That's not the kind of thing you write on accident, so we can certainly assume it has implications. 

I'm trying to rattle my brain as to what it could mean but I can't think of anything that makes enough sense, Lol. I don't think it makes sense for them to be Precursor cause surely Forerunners would know, I don't think it makes sense that The Timeless One lied about being Precursor cause, why would he? What other connection could it be...

Maybe The Endless were created by Precursor too as Forerunners were but they were closer to Precursors, thus, share some ways of speaking, Lol, Idk man.

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