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Angelus said:
VersusEvil said:

So if you have an enemy (the Endless) that aren't affected by the firing of the rings and assuming they can't be killed hence the name and the fact that they where sealed away instead of being wiped out .... how tf are we supposed to deal with them when that expansion drops XD.

Also I'm assuming the Harbinger is one? I can't remember ever seeing her species design before ... 343 did pretty great with the design.

Well, they can clearly be killed, as we already killed one. 

I assume that they have the ability to control time and space to some degree, based on various hints we got throughout the game, which, for all their accomplishments, I don't believe the forerunners ever could.

Forerunners must think if an Endless was infected by Flood it would literally be unstoppable, Rings were the last resort against The Flood, if a Ring no longer works on Flood then that's a terrifying thought to the Forerunners, I suppose from that perspective you can see why they would imprison them but that's still fucking scummy, Lol.

There's an ending dialogue for the Legendary ending where a Forerunner AI (I think) is talking and saying how time is a construct that Forerunners cannot control and they cannot allow it to be theirs (Endless) but did they really imprison them simply because of a possibility rather than something they actually did?

JFC Forerunners are bastards. Sorta makes me feel bad about killing The Endless

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 12 December 2021