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The Weapon

Loved "The Weapon" and her interactions with Chief, I think she is funny and I don't really see her as a Cortana replacement as she has a completely different personality but she doesn't need to replace Cortana, she is great in her own way. There's also a lot of emotional moments between her and Chief, I would say more than previous Halo's, this Halo has made me feel more than any other Halo.

I thought these personal interactions between John, The Pilot and The Weapon were brilliant, I loved them, stuff like John's obvious reluctance to bond with The Weapon, he kept a distance so much so he straight up tried to kill her at one point and her being mad at him for that was funny, Lol. Although even near the end he is still reluctant when he says he doesn't trust her but he wants to.

There's a lot of moments where Chief doesn't have to say a word but you can see he is upset, like when they find Spartan Griffin, I love The Weapon constantly asking him if he's okay because nobody usually does that. This is IMO the best Chief we've ever had, I feel like he emotes more and says just enough without saying too much, he's still our stoic badass but you can just tell he is hurting deep down from little moments, I also think this Chief takes charge more than any others, in previous Halos he was always following orders but in Infinite he is very much in charge and coming up with all the plans.

When The Weapon asked Chief what it would take for him to trust her and he responded by accidentally calling her Cortana, that was a good moment which showed his emotional state without saying much.

The Pilot

I've seen a lot of complaints about him being whiny, I do see how he is whiny but I actually like him, I like the human aspect that he brings to the story, I see where he is coming from about them being two men against an entire army, the odds are extremely stacked against them and he simply wants to get back to his family before they all die.

Around midway into the story, there's a touching moment between him and Chief which reveals why he's so eager to run away, he reveals he isn't a Pilot at all or even a Soldier, he is simply someone who got lucky and stole a Pelican as Infinity was being destroyed, it makes his eagerness to run away even more understandable and creates a sweet moment where Chief tries to encourage him to keep fighting, after this he mellows out and is more eager to fight The Banished.


While he is no Atriox, I do think he was a worthy opponent to Chief, I liked him and I thought the moment at his death between him and Chief was nice too, Chief saying he's just a soldier fighting for what he thought was right, Escharum knew he was dying and I think he knew he would lose against Chief too, he thinks Atriox is dead and wanted to go out against a legend, I think he achieved his purpose and his boss fight was cool.

Atriox, The Brutes.

Holy shit, Cortana straight up split Doisac in half, the homeworld of the Brutes is gone, what sort of world implications does this open up? How many Brutes are left? They got Prophet'd who also lost their homeworld and are basically on the verge of extinction after High Charity was destroyed. Does UNSC help the Brutes that want help? In Halo Escalation there's a Brute Chieftan called Lydus who is trying to form an alliance with the UNSC, I hope he's still alive.

The fact that Atriox watched his homeworld be split in half and still remained relatively calm, I sorta wanted to see him get revenge on Cortana, Lol.

That opening of Atriox absolutely dominating Chief was awesome too, God Atriox doesn't get nearly enough screen-time.

Hyperius, Tovarus and Jega

I'm disappointed that Hyperius and Tovarus had absolutely zero character development, despite the fact that Hyperius has Locke's helmet on his shoulder which leads me to believe that it isn't Locke's helmet after all or they'll be a prequel story telling of an encounter between Hyperius and Locke, there's a Grunt which straight up says Hyperius fought Locke but Grunts are known to bullshit, Lol.

But it was as I feared, they were simply filler bosses with no story which sucks since they're hyped up as these Spartan Killers, the Brute boss at the start who was mad at Escharum had more character development then these two, Lol.

Jega also had little character development, I wanted them to explore more the angle of a Brute and Elite being friends cause it's an interesting thing considering how much the two species used to despise each other, Jega was cool but could have been more.

Post-Credit Cutscene

Atriox f*cking lives! Which was sorta obvious, I knew they wouldn't kill him off because it would have been utterly stupid, Atriox is easily 343's best ever villain and among the best overall, I hope the next Halo greatly expands on him cause he never gets enough screen time.

But...Did Atriox's VA change? Something feels off and I don't like it...John DiMaggio was the voice of Atriox in Halo Wars 2 and I don't think he is in Halo Infinite, I hope it was a scheduling thing and they bring him back for whatever comes after Infinite.

The Endless

I have so many questions, who are they? where did they come from? were they also created by the Precursors like Forerunners were or did they just exist alongside Forerunners and Forerunners erased all records of them?

For a while I was thinking they were Precursor, with all the talk about being imprisoned on Zeta Halo like The Timeless One was, the first ever Gravemind and last surviving Precursor, they even have similar themed names (Endless/Timeless) and Harbinger was saying a lot of Gravemind quotes, she straight up quoted him word for word with "I shall talk, and you shall listen" but it seems they aren't related, or are they? Idk, Lol.

To add further onto the Precursor stuff, there's a part in Halo Forerunner Trilogy book series where the Precursor/Gravemind is questioned by humans about the true nature of the Flood, the Precursor's answer horrifies them so much that they commit suicide, then in Halo Infinite we have Harbinger telling stuff to captured soldiers so horrifying it drove them insane, it's all very much logic plague-like.

It seems they have the power to manipulate time in some manner, I hope they don't go too extreme with that, for example, I wonder if Atriox wants to bring back Doisac but I hope they don't go that direction, I hope their time manipulation if that is what it is, is some local sorta thing, limited range and power, I think them being immune to the Halo ring is enough for Forerunners to fear them and establish them as a real threat, imagine if they had control of a Ring, they could use them against their enemies with no risk to themselves.

I think 343 has kept this time stuff purposely vague, we don't know the extent of their abilities, only that they can survive the Halo Ring for some reason and Chief seemingly passing 3 days in the facility even though it felt much shorter to him, could be something with the portal, end of the day, Slipspace is technically space time manipulation.

The Forerunners are utter bastards and always causing problems, Lol, from my understanding, The Endless thought the Forerunners were allies, they didn't know Forerunners would imprison them but Forerunners did so, not for anything they did but because the Forerunners were afraid of what they could do, I wonder if a part of that is Forerunners fear that if a Flood infected an Endless, The Flood would literally be unstoppable.

The Flood

Hope they don't downplay The Flood too much, The Flood are the ultimate big bad Imo, even with The Endless time manipulation (if it's even that, I think they're leaving it open for now, we have next to no knowledge of the extent of their powers) and if a Flood infected one of them, they would be unstoppable, that makes The Flood still worse than The Endless but I guess from The Forerunners perspective, they can survive The Flood but they can't survive a Halo ring which The Endless can.

Extra Stuff

Environmental storytelling is brilliant, I enjoyed the audio logs as they had some interesting things in there, I absolutely love the Comms Tower Grunt who is constantly trash talking you, Lol. There's a nice blend of serious tone mixed with humorous, it isn't overly in one direction, just like the classic Halos. They've nailed the tone and atmosphere, the dialogue between The Banished is hilarious, stuff like them all talking shit about the Jackals and Grunts being adorable bastards again.

Offensive Bias is definitely going to be in a future story expansion, awesome, I can't wait to see him, I hope Mendicant Bias is introduced eventually as well.

Ending scene with Chief, Cortana and Fernando was sweet, I am happy they all survived and now we have a nice buddy group going into the future story expansions and I like them all.

Respect them for finally killing off Cortana, I did think they would do something like merge old Cortana with new Cortana or find a fragment of the sane Cortana but nah, she dead, sacrificed herself, that plot point is dead, I'm happy but also sad that we've lost that Cortana.

It leaves me with a lot of questions but not in a frustrated way, more like I really want to learn more about this new stuff. They've wrapped up The Created and Cortana, established The Banished as the new threat along with this mysterious new species, set up a reason for Atriox to have a vendetta against Chief (he killed his teacher) and now we should have a steady story from here instead of constantly changing like previous ones.