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VersusEvil said:

So if you have an enemy (the Endless) that aren't affected by the firing of the rings and assuming they can't be killed hence the name and the fact that they where sealed away instead of being wiped out .... how tf are we supposed to deal with them when that expansion drops XD.

Also I'm assuming the Harbinger is one? I can't remember ever seeing her species design before ... 343 did pretty great with the design.

They definitely can be killed, I think The Forerunners sealed them away simply because Forerunners are bastards and wanted to study them to try to figure out how their stuff works, The Forerunners also don't typically genocide, even after their war with Ancient Humanity they de-evolved them but didn't genocide them.

Harbinger is an Endless, I think her design was nice too.

As Angelus said, they seem to have the ability to control time in some fashion, it's all vague right now though, I think 343 are purposely keeping it vague, we don't really know the full extent of their powers yet other than they're immune to Halo which makes them dangerous according to Forerunners.