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SKMBlake said:
shikamaru317 said:

Above average, but certainly not huge. When I was a teen I obsessed over my size quite alot, like many teens do. Even though I started puberty young, at like 10, alot of my penis size growth didn't happen until my late teens, I was still growing some down there even at 19 and 20, and because of that late growth, and the viewing of internet porn as a teen, I got extremely worried about my size for quite some time and it really hurt my self esteem growing up. Even as an adult it has caused some self-esteem issues, because even though I'm above average I am tall and broad and it makes me look smaller down there than I often wish I was.

What do you conisder as average then ?

The average as found by over a dozen scientific/medical studies on penis size all across the world, which is around 5.3 inches long by 4.6 inches around. That average is slightly smaller than what Lifestyles condoms got in a study they did with Spring Breakers in Cancun one year, which was 5.8 x 4.9, though that study was reportedly conducted by young female nurses, so smaller guys might have been discouraged from showing up out of embarrassment, which would explain why they got a somewhat higher number than the medical studies.

But I am also larger than the often perceived average of 6 inches.