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JEMC said:

The original one, with Netflix and then all the streaming sites makes sense because they're all subscription based. That one about the different game stores, which lack the Windows Store (understandable) and GOG, is far from being at the same level. It's more like a nuisance than a problem, and it mostly affects nitpicky people, at least in my opinion.

I mean, it makes sense for GOG to be there since it's the store that goes against all this bullcrap to begin with. It's the only one where you buy a game, download it, and that's it. No need for a launcher, you can just play it and own it forever. I've seen a few Steam games that work this way and it's a godsend, but GOG is the only place where you know for sure it's always like that.

Never mind all the other stores. It's like buying a license to play something.

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