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KiigelHeart said:

Oh one more question @Machiavellian

Just to be clear, are you critizizing/worried about your current laws of self-defence or the outcome of Ritterhouse trial? If it's the former then yeah, I can somewhat see where you're coming from but if it's the latter, I'm not sure what you wanted to happen. This guy to spend his life in prison even though there wasn't enough evidence to deem him act against the law, just because someone uninformed tool might think this'll be a loophole to kill people without consequences?

Just saying, I've been critical about Rittenhouse, but I don't believe he should be spending his entire life behind bars. One or two years would likely be enough for me. 

In general, sentencing should be much more forward looking than backwards looking, in my opinion. There is little reason to assume that Rittenhouse will be a significant danger to the public so there is no need to keep him behind bars for a huge portion of his life.