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Guessed by @Zippy6

Looking back through the past few lists, it really stands out just how consistently this game gets big drops. It went from a -7 to a -6 to this year's -8. The reason why is probably just... it should've never been that high? That isn't to say Majora's Mask isn't a great game, because it is. I've seen a few people call this their favorite game ever and I can definitely see why. It's got a really dark story and setting, with deep characters you grow to care about through sidequests you choose to do. A couple of its dungeons are truly great, and it stands out as one of the very few challenging 3D Zeldas. It's just... not my thing, I guess. The whole atmosphere of the game is unsettling, in a fascinating way, but I'm more about that adventurous tone of the other games in the series. Majora's Mask overwhelms me, and that's likely why I never went back to it. A truly great game, just not my kind of great.

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