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trunkswd said:
zero129 said:

Indeed it really was one of the most stupid things i think MS done as they could of done what Valve done back in the day but didnt, and i guess thats why many PC gamer ended up hating MS for leaving them in the dust with the xbox and no longer bringing games to their other platform (being windows pc).

Well lucky now they learned its all coming together and finally we Pc gamers+ Xbox gamers might be able to finally get a foothold here not only on this site but many others like it.

The chef is back Xbox is booming its time for a new dawn xD. Ok i dont think we are ever going to number PS and Nin fans on this site but we kinda pulling up the ladder now compared to when we where apart imean that has to be a good thing right?

There aren't too many of us Xbox fans on the site. But we are dedicated to chatting all things Xbox and Microsoft in this thread. If I had a better PC I would probably play more Xbox games PC. But my PC is VERY outdated and can't play any new AAA games even on minimum settings. 

Sorry guess i added a few edits to my other post after this trunks, btw im a bit drunk right now but did i ever tell you how much i love you :-^ <-Not sure if thats a kiss or not but yeah xD, anyways with how things are atm im really happy i got my PC when i did (It was still got in this shitty shortage we are in) i wanted to build my own pc like i always do but ended up having to buy a prebuild as for the first time i can rememeber ever in my life it was cheaper then building one so i said fuck it why not least i dont have to put it together xD. And to be honest it costed me €1600 but (Yes a lot of people going to think im a cunt for this) when im not gaming i been using it to mine and its pretty much paid for itself after 6-7months of owning it its now only standing me like €300.

Anyways anways back to how much i love you so why dont you have me added on xbox?