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Machiavellian said:
Dulfite said:

They are cosmetics, not essential. You can unlock free cosmetics by playing for free. No one is forcing you to buy those paid ones. They probably base pricing on what MMOs do with their cosmetic stores. If you can't afford then don't buy. If enough don't buy they will lower their prices, simple as that.

I continue to think the same thing.  All these cosmetics stuff is always priced high at first so that when they go on sale it seems more reasonable.  Why even care at this point, once the game release from Beta, MS will have all those nice little special sales if you truly want to throw your money away on this gunk.  I know I probably am in the minority but I cannot remember once ever caring about purchasing this stuff, what keeps me playing any MP is the MP, not any of this cosmetic items I get bored with after using it for a few moments.

This. Man when we had Halo 2 and 3 online what kept us playing??. The game and the gameplay not the cosmetics leave that to the casuals.

When you come in with your flaming skull or santa hats and you keep getting your ass wiped by a player who is still using the original skins you know you casual.

Last edited by zero129 - on 24 November 2021