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Imaginedvl said:
Ryuu96 said:

Did 343 not embargo the multiplayer? Lol. It's a bit odd considering they're calling it an Open Beta (and I know this is basically everything for launch but it IS missing modes that will be available on Dec 8th, we know that because there's an achievement for a missing mode) so I would find it odd if 343 didn't set an embargo, Lol.

yah was suprised to see the scores coming in during Beta :)

But, getting those scores during beta is pretty damn good! Esp. if they adjust few things for Dec. 8th (I really think they will add/adjust playlists)

Likely, playlists are easy to change.

Also I hope they keep Fiesta in and don't cycle it out.

So I suppose OpenCritic and MetaCritic are going to group everything into Halo Infinite for a total score rather than having a listing for Infinite SP and Infinite MP? I also know Windows Central are reviewing them separately so their review may drop soon.