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sweet robbery part 2 lyrics 1 billion /10

verse tough shit

(DJ Paul)
I cruise to my chevy shakin' these late nights
And soon a killah will thank me will come out again to take another life
I'm tired of hidin' form the 5-0 cause these fools scope me nightly
I'm changin' my identity and playin' more roles than that niggah spike lee
This shit ain't fake i gotta break
And get the fuck back on this murder case
For chill this shit is cool to rap about but see to me it ain't no fun when it's real
Them cops can't roll to Triple Six so no lord can save'em
I try to least stay after but now i ask for another favor
One of my homies died, two of my niggah's in the J.C
But now I ask of you first power bring them back to me
We ran a job off top, we had to pop some cops
But still some fools house made us lead us to his stash pizzot
Skeemask over my skull, peppers in my mouth cause I'm grilled
Bitch cause (?) glock nine with no love, killah's from the south gotta peel
Caps that will make your shells fall, but I will be the only one still leg
Employed cause job to me, you need to lay down you niggah's, you bitches
You snitches, smoke swishers and plan my sweet robberies.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.