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cycycychris said:

I mainly watch the game awards for the game announcements. Mainly the Nintendo announcements, which I hope there are plenty in store for this years. But the awards on the game awards often time don't feel that big or grand. I just don't get that excited about the industry giving itself awards and spreading those awards out in a manner to acknowledge stuff and such, even if another title should have gotten that category.

The presentation though is normally entertaining, other than Geoff massive boner for Kojima, its almost creepy. But he puts on a decent show on a budget, only gripe is that he often makes the show go on for a little to long. Some years he has been great with the musical performances, then other years its was more like yikes. I get the feeling the same company doesn't produce these each year resulting in vastly different presentations with different strong suits.

As I always do, I will watch this and hope that it is good. Geoff has grown a large audience for these shows now, which will likely only be larger this year. I would think we would get even better announcements and content this year considering how many people will be watching.

I find most, if not all, award shows to be a complete waste of time. For games, I prefer smaller vids being made for each award which announced and shows the nominees, announces the winner and justifies it. 

BUT, I respect that award shows exist and feel it is only justified that those in the industry are awarded for the hard work they put into their craft. But I'd rather just read about it the day after than watch. 

That said, what I care about most for TGA are the game trailers. I'll try to catch them off after the show unless some announcement looks super unappealing. 

Here's hoping we see more of Spider-man 2, TloUR/ Factions, BotW2, new Mario, and something from MS.