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iron_megalith said:

I didn't mention anything in my post about it being right or wrong. If anything, I'm just pointing out how dumb it is to fall for it. Just like you mentioned, the government took it seriously and added it as a symbol of hate which is ridiculous. They added a fucking OK symbol that is widely used by everyone as a hate symbol. Let that fucking sink in.

You can assume that they are being racist on that pic but you have nothing to support it. Just so you know, he willingly surrendered his phone and they have not found anything to suggest any evidences that can tie the incident to any racial motives. Even his Facebook account searched and was found to be clear. Just take the L dude. You fell for a fucking 4chan meme.

And communists use the hammer and sickle which are just implements that farmers use/used.

That doesn't stop conservatives from recognizing that the hammer and sickle is communist symbolism.

Your "meme" is how all of language and symbolism work. People use words and symbols in a particular way (as a joke or not, it doesn't matter), and people start recognizing how people are using those words and symbols.

ADL has nothing to do with the government, by the way...