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iron_megalith said:

Feels good that Kyle is not guilty! Makes my previous ban even more hilarious. Thanks again for that ban you gave me last year Hiku!


This is how I got banned from before but I'm gonna say it again. If Hiku or some other moderator twists what I say again and decides to ban me again, so be it. I barely give any shit what happens to my account on this forum.

Speaking of twisting what people say, no, that's not how you got banned last time.

It was for inciting and encouraging deadly violence, by for example stating "it is time to take arms" for a civil war (which seems to be only in your head), and expressing your happiness over the outcome of multiple deadly shootings. You can agree or disagree with the actions taken without adding the aforementioned things. And whatever verdict was reached in court changes none of it.

Yet you've now on at least 4 occasions over the past few days done the opposite of what the rules say regarding how you can appeal moderator decisions. (Which by the way was decided by the whole team. I only administered the collective decision of the team.)

The main reason why it's against the rules to complain about moderator decisions in threads, on walls, etc, is because usually the person will misrepresent why they got banned. Like you did here.