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thismeintiel said:

Oh, don't justify it, just minimize the millions in damages the riots caused.  As well as the people who lost their lives during them.  And yes, let's just let rioters do whatever they want.  Who cares if those people actually had insurance.  Or how long it takes to get government aid, which we all pay for, including those with their houses and businesses destroyed.  Or how long and expensive civil will be.  This is not to mention the emotional and physical strain it must put on those people watching everything in their lives burn to the ground.  Who cares because we may hurt the ittle rioter scum.  Like I said, no empathy for decent citizens.  Just excuses and looking the other way for criminals.

Yea, it is about statistics.  And white people are far more likely to be shot by police officers than blacks.  Interesting since blacks make up around 50% of the violent crime.  Of course, that doesn't even take into account how many of ones that we actually get worked up about end up being justified shootings.  But, do people follow up on that.  Nope, just slap all the faces of unrepentant criminals on shirts and deify them like they are all equal.  Personally, that really dishonors the ones that weren't justified.

As far as Nick Sandman goes, that was complete bias.  It's why they were so quick to cover the story.  It feed into their narrative.  It's why they started covering the Texas school shooter...until they found out he was black.  Just the smallest amount of research and interviewing would have proven the reporting wasn't true on Sandman.  And did they give the corrections the same coverage as the initial story?  Nope.  But, that's the point.  You cover the Hell out of the initial story.  Bring on countless talking heads to talk about how horrible it and Nick was.  Wait for social media or maybe Fox News, to show the other side, which turned out to be the real story, then cover it real quick and be done.  It's no different to when newspapers run front page news for a few days, then on page 36 one day, they offer the correction.  No one reads that, and that's the point, because the initial story is in the zeitgeist.  It is completely on purpose and done with bias. 

And they settled for millions cause they knew they fucked up and may have had to pay out a larger sum.  He actually has 4 more cases going right now.  All 4 of which the judge denied their dismissal, so it will go forward.  That boy will not have to work a day in his life.  I hope the same happens with Kyle.

I imagine any dollar amount is too large, right?  You're hyperbole suggests that there was widespread destruction of livelihoods, but the reality was that damage over the summer only represented 0.0005% of the US's GDP, and most of it was looting and vandalism.  $1 billion is not a lot of money in 2021 dollars.  This might be seem cruel and heartless to the people who did get mixed up in all of this, but we as a society can foot the bill and repair.

Our energy would be put to MUCH better used solving the societal breakdown that resulted in so much protest and unrest, rather than having citizens coming out to police people and put them in their place.  Especially when those people are coming from out of town to defend property from the very people who live in said community.

iron_megalith said:

Holy shit. Someone here actually falls for the the White Power hand symbol meme? LMAO.

I wouldn't even be surprised if someone also fell for the "It's OK to be white" movement and were enraged by it. I don't care if you're left or you're right. Falling for these memes and taking it unironically just tells how much you're out of touch. Whether you advocate to ban the symbol because you believe white supremacists do actually use it in a serious manner. Or whether you are a white supremacist that bought the meme and used it yourself within your group. Just believing it is a thing and taking it seriously just proves their point that people are fucking gullible. Congratulations for demonstrating boomer levels of ignorance right there.

This thread really is Twitter lite simulation. You guys crack me up.

Even looking at the ok symbol through the kindest lens (as simply a meme), it was a meme that was made to make people of color and their allies upset and uncomfortable in a space.  Would that not make anyone that participated in the trolling, either online or in public, participants of hate?  You are intentionally trying to make people feel uncomfortable and unwelcome for the lols.  Sounds like a really shitty thing to do.

I was fully aware of the 4chan origins, and I still use the ok gesture, but context is critical.  White supremacists started using the ok gesture in their own circles, because they would just claim they were "trolling" too.  Ever hear of Poe's law?

Besides, it's 4chan.  The cesspool of the internet.  Nothing is "just a meme" there.

thismeintiel said:

Tell me you're easily duped without telling me you're easily duped. 

I love what fools the Left and media has made themselves out to be.  A massive troll job by 4chan, who bet they could get the Left to believe that anything was racist, including the internationally known OK hand sign, and won that bet just because it was something Trump does when he talks.  Talk about TDS.  The best part?  Instead of acknowledging they got had, they kept going along with it.  Now, EVERYONE is a White Supremacist.  Oh God, it's so fucking good. 

I guess Biden is a massive White Supremacist, too.

Dude, context is critical.  Are you trying to tell me this level of trolling has no racial undertones whatsoever?!  I still use the okay symbol too, but I have enough brain cells to tell when someone is intentionally being an asshole.

My friends and I were really pissed off at the ADL for classifying the okay symbol as a hate symbol back in 2019, and we continued to use it defiantly, because we were not going to let it be co-opted.  So, no, we were not going to let the racists take something from us.  If you really think mocking and mentally distressing people over their desire to not offend other people is HILARIOUS, then there is something seriously wrong with you.