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numberwang said:
RolStoppable said:

Indeed, I could assume what you meant based on your warped views, but still... I wanted to leave you with the option to save face. The history of Austria is that there's a precedent for a mandated jab that lasted for over three decades. The result was that the illness in question was eradicated, so a mandated jab is not harmful, but the exact opposite. The reason why the anti-COVID-19 jab is planned to be mandated from February 2022 onwards is because Austria slipped into this situation due to the government banking on the population to do the right thing voluntarily. This, however, was very ill-advised considering the strong presence of the far-right in this country. Not only did the traditional far-right political party rally hard against common sense since the start of the pandemic, but another two new parties who are all about the single issue of anti-vax gained traction, one of which got into the regional parliament of Upper Austria. It's no surprise that Upper Austria with its highest concentration of stupid people is now due for the strictest measures to regain control of a situation that has spun out of control. Austrian's population at large isn't opposed to the government taking action, rather it's the opposite because the seemingly oblivious bunch of government politicians is finally starting to do their job after ignoring the analyses of experts for months.

The prerequisite to be against vaccination is the belief that vaccination is more harmful than the illness it works against, a belief that is neither based on science nor facts.

What exactly do you mean in the context of Austria when you say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it?

I don't go around and call anyone I disagree with far-right. I say that you are far-right based on your irrational behavior and argumentation that is basically the textbook definition of a far-right mindset. I don't expect to change your mind either, because a defining trait of the far-right is that they are so far gone that they can't be reasoned with anymore. This really shows in the discussion about Austria where you seriously believe that a mandated jab is something negative when it's realistically the only way to put a country with far too many stupid people in it back on the right track. Without the mandated jab, Austria would be bound to lock down again in 2022 because the voluntary vaccination rate is far below the necessary threshold.

As for the USA portion of the discussion, you live in a country where you personally would rather trust teenagers with assault rifles than the police to protect its citizens.

Do you have a list of scientific papers that you have published? Any advanced degree in statistic?

All cause-mortality (the only reliable and relevant indicator) has increased in most countries in 2021 compared to 2020 "despite" the miracle jabs. The US is a good example with the summer wave 2021 being much more lethal compared to summer 2020 and it looks like the upcoming winter wave 21 could be worse than winter 20. What changed in 2021? With >80% of the risk group fully vaxxed there should be nearly no Covid left as a lethal disease but the opposite is happening right now.

Last four weeks have delayed reporting so the decline at the end is not real.

Despite the fact the jabs are effectives, new Covid variants are also more effective at infecting people resulting in the minority of unvaxxed carrying the death toll and infection rate at the same level the whole US was pre vaccine.

Last edited by EpicRandy - on 23 November 2021