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thismeintiel said:

Lol, I don't need to save face.  Especially for someone who labels a group of people making their own health decision, stupid.  Hmm, does that area of the world have some point in history when a group of people were labeled and ostracized?  I don't know, can't think of it right now.

The funny/sad thing is, 2/3 of your population is "vaccinated."  That's actually a really big portion.  And yet, you're still seeing spikes.  Now, your government wants to blame the unvaccinated.  Hmm, there's that singling out a certain group of people, again.  God, I wish I could remember why that seems familiar.  Anyway, if the vaccine worked like it should, why should you even care if 1/3 of your population is unvaccinated?  Let those dummies get sick or die, right?  I mean the rest of you are protected from Covid, right?  Oh, that's because the vaccine isn't working like it should and vaccinated people are still getting sick and some are even dying, either with Covid or from reactions to the vaccine.  And that's the unvaccinated people's fault?  But, I thought you were protected?  There's a logic hole there.  Of course, the government doesn't want you blaming the vaccine that was promised to be a real vaccine and inoculate you, but instead is mostly therapeutic.  And seems to wear off after a few months, hence the 3rd and 4th booster shot.  Wonder when the 5th and 6th will hit.  Man, Big Pharma, who the Left kept warning about, is making a killing off of a virus with a 98% survival rate, huh?

So, what are you going to do when nearly all the people are vaccinated and people are still getting sick and dying, like in Isreal, which is 80% vaccinated and most new cases are vaccinated people?  Arrest the 10%-15% who still refuse to get it? Maybe put them in reeducation camps?  Hmm, still ringing a bell.  Oh well.

So, yea, I will live in a country where we will try our damnedest to stay free.  Even when the cops are told to stand down and we have to defend ourselves. 

The important thing to remember about the coronavirus is that it is transmitted through air, so people do not make a health decision only for their own health. As such, acting carelessly or even recklessly will not result in only harm for the careless/reckless person, but potentially a lot of other people.

The far-right political party in Austria has proceeded to call Austria an official dictatorship now. It's not a new occurence that the far-right wants to liken its own situation to the oppression and elimination of the jews during World War II. As such, it's no surprise that you steer in that very same direction, but nobody will get put into prison or receive the death penalty in Austria for being unvaccinated. The comparison is completely and utterly ridiculous.

The reason why unvaccinated people receive the blame for the current situation is because it is their fault. While the majority of the population is vaccinated, the majority of the people currently in hospitals for COVID-19 treatment are unvaccinated. It's the situation in hospitals that is the critical measurement, because all the COVID-19 measures since the start of the pandemic have been about preventing a collapse of the healthcare system. Since it's evident that the vaccination works because the current severe corona cases of vaccinated people in hospitals go hand in hand with multiple pre-existing other conditions, it's clear beyond doubt that the unvaccinated are the reason for the critical situation in hospitals. Countries like Spain and Italy - which were hit much harder by the first wave of corona than Austria - are now doing leaps and bounds better during the current wave due to higher vaccination rates and better precautionary measures put in place.

The hospital situation could certainly be solved by denying all unvaccinated people treatment and letting them subsequently die, but that's not how things work in Austria. The reason why the current vaccines aren't as effective as other vaccinations in the past is because they are about immunizing the body against a certain protein rather than directly against the virus itself, a virus that keeps mutating. But a vaccine that wears off over time is still preferable to no vaccine, especially in a situation where so much economical damage was caused to keep the spread under control before the first vaccines were ready for the masses.

Israel's full vaccination rate sits in the mid-60s, so it's not close to 80%. But that's not as important as the booster shots playing an essential role in getting the situation under control again. Which again means that vaccination works.

The irony of unvaccinated people insisting on their freedom is that their decision against vaccination leads directly to restrictions that take away much more freedom from them. That's the logic hole that entire populations suffer from, because the vaccinated can't get their freedom fully back as long as unvaccinated people continue to remain a threat to the capacities and resources of hospitals.


As for the inquiry of numberwang, it isn't surprising that 2021's situation is worse than 2020's despite better options against the coronavirus. The same thing has occured during the pandemic from ~100 years ago where a later wave was more dangerous than the initial one. This comes down to much more widespread carelessness among the population; during the first wave the population acted disciplined and took it serious, but after a while the threat doesn't seem so bad and people take it too easy. There have been many more large gatherings of people during 2021 than during 2020 and it's well-known how much that favors this kind of virus.

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