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I wish this thread would turn more into higher level discussions on philosophy of government, with friendly expressions of said views and justification for them, rather than responses to hot button, controversial events that none of us witnessed ourselves.

I suppose it's better to offer a solution than complain about a problem, so here goes my attempt. I think, as a conservative (and this is very much not aligned with fellow conservatives), that no term limits is actually great for US Senate. The House kind of terrifies me. Wave elections bring a LOT of fresh blood into the lower chamber. A bunch of hot headed people not prepared for the complexity of running this nation. We aren't some tiny country supported by a super power that can get away with having incompetent leaders. If we look incompetent, the whole world makes fun of us and our enemies take advantage of not only us, but out considerably weaker and dependent allies. This is why I like the Senate for what it is. A bunch of extremely seasoned folks who, for the most part, have been in government for decades. They know what they are doing. They know what they will do if we are attacked. I like having people in high positions that know what they are doing. Do some get corrupt and make a bunch of money? Sure. But I'd rather have that problem than a wave election where a vast amount of both houses are brand new. This is why I am against term limits. Having people in those positions for 20-30 years knowing how to handle everything lets me sleep more easily at night, regardless of what party they are from. Unless, of course, they are so old they can't think as quickly or have other problems.

*And I'm not just talking about Biden there. I'm sure if I was alive when he was President, I'd have been just as concerned about Reagan's age, or Taft's inability to get out of a bath tub. Fitness is huge, but plenty of seasoned folks are still very physically and mentally healthy.