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IvorEvilen said:
iron_megalith said:

Lmao. You really think a lot of insurance companies will pay for everything? How naive. They will fight tooth and nail to only pay the bare minimum of what you should be getting.

IvorEvilen said:

I cannot really comment on Binger, because myself, like many Americans, do not really care to educate myself on gun operation.  I do not need to know how to operate a firearm to know how dangerous they are.  I can see the data.  I have talked to a number of Americans who think that me not knowing something about gun operation is a "gotcha" moment.  I do not give two-shits about how to operate a gun.  It's a deadly weapon.  I have no need for such an instrument.

It's not a gotcha moment. It's a prime example of people not knowing what the fuck they're talking about and trying to make a point. Nobody told him to get hold of the gun and point it at the jury in that manner. It's his ignorance seeping out. If you don't give two-shits about it when he's trying to make a closing argument, then that's just hilarious. If you feel that you don't need guns, then you be you. But let people who are decent to have them if they feel that they need it. If we live in an alternate reality and succeed in taking away guns, another thing will just emerge from it. Or the bad ones will have it. Case in point. Nazi Germany.

Yes. You cannot convince me as this post of yours reeks so much bias. I'm merely killing time here and having some fun trying to see how a lot of you folks twist this thing to make it seem like there was no justice here. It's like a small version of Twitter in here. Nothing but an Echo chamber to validate your beliefs.

By the way, you forgot to mention that Kyle was also there helping the community before the shooting happened. Also if I remember correctly, his friends and family live in Kenosha. But who cares. He shouldn't have drove 20+ miles to go to a community and try to help. It's not as if violence wasn't being rampant throughout that time to which the media would say, it has been a "fiery but peaceful protests" while a whole fucking building burns at the background.

One last thing. If you're trying to disparage his character for being a white supremacist because he maybe friends with one. Be careful who you make friends with. If you are friends with closet Neo-Nazi, by that logic, I will label you a Neo-Nazi as well. Birds of the same feather right? What a great argument!

There are literally pictures of Kyle making white supremacist hand signs.


The very fact that there is so much disagreement and discussion in this forum is evidence enough that this is not an echo chamber.  An echo chamber is a place where everyone agrees so they feel better about themselves.  If people disagree with you, that certainly does not mean they all agree with each other.  Stop trying to deflect and with the old "if I can't convince them, they are all biased against me".

If you do not want to have a discussion, then I guess there is no sense in continuing.

On the bolded. I do have some hope that perhaps Kyle won't become the posterchild the far right are hoping for based on his statement that he supports BLM. While it can be difficult I will try my best to give him the benefit of the doubt and it's possible that he's just an idiot that had no idea that those were proud boys (or perhaps what the proud boys represent) and was goaded into taking a picture with a handsign he didn't understand. He could easily be or be becoming a white surpremicist but here's hoping he's just a dumb kid who didn't know what that picture meant.