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Torillian said:
iron_megalith said:

You can try to bring up apples and oranges but it's not gonna work. You're just looking silly.

If you're trying to say that what happened in the Kyle Rittenhouse incident is not a reality, then I question what reality you have.

Stop trying to read between the lines before you read the actual lines themselves. I am arguing against someone that said "Your bullet and punch example falls flat when it is a fact that more people die from being hit physically than from being shot every year"

Now do you agree with the quote (in which case there's a debate to be had about how math and stats work and how they should be interpreted) or not (in which case I have no real debate with you on that topic)

I would not agree into something so futile as it is devoid of any reality when it comes down to the actual situation. You can try to use the argument of a kid lunging at you with a fork but you know you are making a tongue and cheek point just to see if I would fall for it. If that's an honest argument, you really lost the plot.

But yeah let's leave it at that. I've had enough amusement with you. :)