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iron_megalith said:
Torillian said:

Is your argument therefore that any weapon that could be deadly should be met with the same use of force as any other weapon that could be deadly regardless of their likelihood to end in death? 

A skateboard can hurt, but I would gladly face someone with a skateboard over someone with a knife, and gladly face a knife over an AR-15, and gladly face an AR-15 over a tank. The idea that all of those attacks should be met with the same level of force makes absolutely no sense to me. If someone starts throwing punches outside a bar should police shoot them just in case? 

First of all, I will say that this statement of mine has nothing to do with legality of this incident. So just in case someone wants to twist my words again. This post is just talking about the reality of nature.

First rule of nature, you respect whoever has the advantage. You don't go crying when you try to fight someone with fists and up losing because he had a gun or is more experienced than you. Huber was a fucking idiot. He wanted to play "hero" because he was convinced he was. He chased Kyle, tried smack him, got shot and died. I mean who knew someone's self preservation will kick in when you try to smack someone in the head with the skateboard during a really incident where a mob is involved. It's a pure failure of common sense on his behalf.

Previous replies not withstanding. I will say it sucks that people want to dump on the 2nd and 3rd people shot. Their understanding was that they were responding to an active shooter in a crowd. Sucks that they died but I appreciate their desire to stop the situation. If Kyle's intentions mean that the shootings were self defense than the intentions of the others should be taken into account as well.