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Ryuu96 said:

Bobby Kotick Admits To Writing Female Executives Terrible Email

One incident in 2006 saw Kotick harassing one of his assistants, and even leaving her a voicemail in which he threatened to have her killed. An Activision spokesperson said about the incident: “Mr. Kotick quickly apologized 16 years ago for the obviously hyperbolic and inappropriate voice mail, and he deeply regrets the exaggeration and tone in his voice mail to this day.”

Meanwhile, in 2007, Kotick threatened to “destroy” a woman who was suing him, alleging sexual harassment against the pilot of a private jet co-owned by Kotick.

Activision Boss Loses Legal Battle Over Sexual Harassment Case

Bobby Kotick Wants to Take the Fun Out of Making Games 

Activision CEO Says He Would Raise Prices Even Higher

+ All the times he has pocketed massive bonuses whilst doing mass layoffs.

It ain't exactly a shock that he's a piece of shit, I've always thought him as one, a lot of this stuff has been known for a while, I have absolutely zero doubt he knew about these harassment cases and did nothing about them until shit hit the fan, the dude is a peak corporate suit who doesn't give a shit about his employees, the sooner Activision-Blizzard rids him, the better (for the employees and gamers), unfortunately he does make Activision-Blizzard a ton of money and seems like the board is up his ass so I don't see it happening.

Side-note, he absolutely did not take that pay-cut a few weeks ago out of any good intentions, it was almost certainly just for marketing and cause CoD sales are down a lot, it's sad to see what has happened to Activision with almost every studio being turned into a CoD studio and then the current mess Blizzard is in.

Agreed with the OP too, I was always baffled whenever EA was voted as the worst company, though they have their problems with how much shit they f*ck up, Lol. From everything I've heard though they tend to treat employees pretty good and when studios are closed they try their best to place them elsewhere within EA.

1,600 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Petition Demanding Bobby Kotick's Removal

He doesn't deserve just being removed, he deserves bankruptcy, and jail time. It'd serve him right for being an abusive piece of shit who primarily made his fortune by ripping off his employees and coddling rapists.