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hatmoza said:

I never recall an NFL season so wide open

Yup, it's crazy.

In the AFC we have ten teams with positive records, followed by two 5-5 teams. Even the Dolphins are now back in the discussion after three straight wins and with a 4-6 record, because the fifth seed in the AFC is only 6-4. Only the Jets, Texans and Jaguars are hopeless cases, because aside from their 2-8 records, they've also looked very bad too often this season.

In the NFC there are only five teams with positive records, followed by three 5-5 teams. This leaves everyone all the way down to the 3-7 Seahawks with a realistic chance to claim a playoff spot, so in the NFC it's only the 0-9-1 Lions that are hopeless.

Shaunodon said:

I do not understand why the Steelers refused to run the ball, especially after that last turnover with a chance to essentially shut the game out. They made no progress and took no time off the clock, leaving far too many options available for the Chargers, who then scored an easy TD on a blown coverage against a tired defense. Mind-boggling.

The Steelers did what they did because I had picked them. It's a trend that my picks do stupid things to give games away. The NFL conspires against me.

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