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leo-j said:

Actually Xbox numbers are the highest they have ever been in any generation so yes they are record high. People keep saying but it isn’t selling like ps5. That’s true, but it’s selling way better than x1 and x360 so far while ps5 falls behind ps4 numbers. 

You can’t compare FIFA on PS4-Switch-X everything - PC - Ps everything to forza which is on pc and Xbox only. Forza is at 10 million after a week. 

also Spider-Man is on PS4 and ps5 and yet has sold only a little over 6.5 million so far. Which it will fly by 10 maybe 15 million but gamepass has made forza reach a huge audience through its service. 

Also, gamepass is releasing first party content day 1 some premium 3rd party content too. The medium, psychonauts, MLB the show , HALO, Forza . All on gamepass. Ps now is releasing games from 2019 and MAYBE MAYBE a 2020 game and aren’t even doing ps5 games. While gamepass has series x games. 

The issue with some of these points is that they lack context, as well implied causation that doesn't exist.

Xbox seeing record sales while the PS5 is slower than the PS4 (by 0.4 million units)means nothing in the grand scheme of anything, especially when we consider that the only sales data we have is telling us that the PS5 continues to outpace Xbox sales every quarter this year:


Q1 - 1.31 : 2.83 (+01.52m PS5)

Q2 - 1.35 : 2.15 (+0.8m PS5)

Q3 - 1.36 : 3.24 (+1.88m PS5)

XSXS sales are strong, and keeping up with supply isn't easy for MS. We know this. Gamepass being fantastic value and can be beneficial for games. We know this. 

But the argument that somehow Sony needs to address this asap is short-sighted in itself. You haven't bothered to check the financial situation for both companies, especially with their being considerably more PS5 consoles in consumer hands than there are XSXS.

Playstation just posted incredibly strong revenue for hardware, digital software, services, and peripherals/ outside PS ecosystem.

PS5 shipments are ahead of the Wii at a similar time point; PS Plus subscribers is just 0.4 million under their peak numbers. There are currently 104m monthly users spending on average $36.27 in the same quarter. If Sony reaches their targets for the year they're expecting the highest revenue for themselves (and anyone for that matter) as well as their 2nd strongest operating profit.

Sony doesn't need a gamepass right now because they're in such an incredibly healthy position (like MS and Nintendo) that it would be premature for them to make such drastic changes to how their operate. This doesn't mean that they shouldn't be working on having a gamepass equivalent ready, but nothing suggests that they aren't doing stuff behind closed doors.

Last edited by twintail - on 21 November 2021