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leo-j said:
SKMBlake said:

No no, I meant omitting only 1 letter from "Sony" to make it shorter.

From XBOX ONE to XB/XB1 --> from 7 to 2/3 = make sense

From SONY to SNY --> from 4 to 3 = doesn't make much sense

And about the title and the topic, nothing particular to say, it's full of wrong assertions at first:

- "record high sales for Xbox" not really, we don't have any clue about the actual sales, only revenues (and sometimes only growth percentage compared to last year's Xbox One sales, which don't say much)

- "record tweets about Xbox" tweet numbers isn't a metric at all

- "what a phenomenal punch was the release of Forza and Halo Infinite" Halo hasn't been launched yet on GP,  or he's talking about the free online multiplayer, which has nothing to do with Game Pass

- "The content of PS Now is abyssymal" he didn't clearly had a look of the games, you can't have +800 games with all being bad.

- "Sony continues its trickle of game releases with FF ps1 era games" that's EXACTLY what GP added a few months ago as well

- "Gamepass has from what I’ve last heard over 20 million subs. And gaining rapidly." The growth has heavily slowed down actually, growing only 2 million in 6 months.

- "Forza is a niche racing game" yeah, sure. And Fifa is a niche football game.

- "Rachet being played by only 2 million people while Forza is played by 6 million" Ratchet is a PS5 exclusive game, Forza is available on Xbox Series X, S, One X, One S, PC and xCloud

- "Why even own a 500$ console when you can xCloud them ?" cause currently Cloud gaming isn't for everyone

- "get the game for free on gamepass" The famous "I'm getting this free stuff that only costs 13$ a month" paradox

Actually Xbox numbers are the highest they have ever been in any generation so yes they are record high. People keep saying but it isn’t selling like ps5. That’s true, but it’s selling way better than x1 and x360 so far while ps5 falls behind ps4 numbers. 

You can’t compare FIFA on PS4-Switch-X everything - PC - Ps everything to forza which is on pc and Xbox only. Forza is at 10 million after a week. 

also Spider-Man is on PS4 and ps5 and yet has sold only a little over 6.5 million so far. Which it will fly by 10 maybe 15 million but gamepass has made forza reach a huge audience through its service. 

Also, gamepass is releasing first party content day 1 some premium 3rd party content too. The medium, psychonauts, MLB the show , HALO, Forza . All on gamepass. Ps now is releasing games from 2019 and MAYBE MAYBE a 2020 game and aren’t even doing ps5 games. While gamepass has series x games. 

Leo i honestly have to say i love this change in you. Never in my life on tyhis forum did i ever think i would agree with anything you say but honestly you cant fault much of what your saying in this thread. And since you used to be one of the biggest Sony fans on this forum and yet your even seeing this. Like others have said some fans just have their head stuck in the sand and dont wanna face the truth of whats going on.