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PotentHerbs said:
yvanjean said:

Well with Game pass Microsoft platform also includes PC, Cloud and Mobile not just the console and that makes Gamepass market share much greater then PS5 will ever get and why they need to consider a solution. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment boss Jim Ryan has said he’s frustrated at how PlayStation’s first-party games are ‘gated’ to their current console model audience of tens of millions of players.

Even Sony executives want to see their game open up to a bigger market and not being gated by platform sold.

Game Pass market share? 20+ Million subscribers is Game Pass actual market share. Less than NSO & PS+ lol. Billions of people having access to Game Pass on PC, mobile, cloud, does not equal market share. 

Well what does? if 20 million people are subbed thats 20 million that could buy DLC etc. If we look at Gamepass as a console itself instead of just looking at hardware we can see its doing very well and 25 million is still more then 12-14 million console sales for the PS5.

It also goes back to 3rd partys they see a number like "Your game reaching 25+ million users or reaching just 13 million and maybe not even getting picked up since most of them users going to pay their 70 for the next CoD or GTA or whatever. Look past your nose Potent and you might see the future..