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Guessed by @Ultrashroomz

Witness the horror in Super Meat Boy's face upon seeing the -11 drop.

Yeah, this is another one of this year's victims. Still a few more to come on that front. Super Meat Boy is a really fun game. It gets movement very right and that can be all you need in a platformer. It then builds on that with an awesome soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky, and some insane level design that starts hard and only gets tougher and tougher without ever feeling... well, actually, it definitely feels unfair, but never unfun. I played through this game and got 106% a few times, and it was fun every time. Don't really have anything negative to say that justfies the big drop, just... my focus has been on different qualities lately, and that's fine. It's been way too long since I first played this, my taste in gaming isn't gonna stay the same forever.

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