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Guessed by @coolbeans

It's been years since I first played through this, I believe even before joining VGC, and I remember it almost making the first few of these lists, but it never did. Well, there. Mass Effect is finally here.

I replayed it earlier this year when a friend of mine lent me the Legendary Edition in hopes of getting me to play through the whole trilogy. Unfortunately, just like happened the first time, I couldn't get into the second game at all and dropped it partway through (though I did get way farther in this time, but it still didn't click with me). However, I was reminded of just how awesome the first game is. It's got a great cast of characters and an incredibly creative universe filled with lore and interesting things to find. The story is exciting, with a great opening and incredible ending, and it's made more impactful by the choices you make throughout. I don't know if I'll ever get into the other ones, but for what it is, I like the first Mass Effect a lot.

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