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PAOerfulone said:
mZuzek said:

Honestly, for as good as Dread's sales numbers are, I'm kinda disappointed they're not better. It seemed to be everything anyone talked about.

What exactly were you expecting, if I may ask?

Because by Metroid's standards, this is absolutely fantastic. Any Metroid fan should be overjoyed by those numbers. It's at an easy 1 million between the US and Japan alone. If we factor in Europe and the rest of the other regions, it's probably closing in on Prime 1 as we speak.

I don't know, just... I'm not impressed by it overtaking Prime 1, that was a given on the Switch. Everything on it breaks records, but some blow records out of the water while others just raise the bar a little. I was hoping for 5 million at least for Dread, and that may indeed happen, but I really hoped it'd be more. Then again I don't think we even know if the 850k number includes digital sales, never mind other regions, and then there's the holidays coming up. I guess there's still plenty to come.

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