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EricHiggin said:

If you're working at SNY right now you gotta be totally bummed. Knowing full well they should've far out produced PS4, while easily selling every last PS5 has got to be aggravating. It'll be even worse if things do get back to the old normal and a relatively hard shift happens away from indoor activities to outdoor. PS5 sales would likely suffer from that point forward, and knowing you could've made those sales if you only had the units available sooner would suck.
Now if a shift doesn't happen, or it's soft, then they can at least feel comfortable knowing that worst case, they've got another PS4 on their hands. If things don't really change, yet the shortages get solved, year 3 and 4 sales will likely reach unfathomable heights.

PS5 sales are going to remain strong. I see no reason why anyone would be worried about it potentially not being so.

Besides, what matters to Sony are the games/ content being bought on PSN. That's a far more valuable marker if success than hardware sales.