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RolStoppable said:
yo33331 said:

mine is also on the frontpage of the website, and to date has more views than yours. Mine also was voted by way more people, however I reset the poll since the new figures came in. Mine has many more posts than yours.

And besides are doing battle of threads or what ? There is no need of two threads with the same name and topic ...

I wasn't talking about the Hot Topics list, but the Poll of the Week on the frontpage. That's a huge difference which can be easily seen in the number of votes. Your poll received ~20 votes over the course of the last few days while the frontpage poll got more than 100 votes in under ten hours.

Still, this is not a reason for everyone to make new threads, if so everyone could now make, and there will be tons of duplicate new threads.

Also as I already said, mine had many more votes, but I reset the poll.