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Dr. Dre 1:09 mark of the next episode

Tupac still I rise Original lyrics are very deep underated

Tupac all eyes on me lyrics 

Yupac pour out little liquar my favorite is 2:22 hook

That's is the way suppose to be homie , if it was me , you'd do shit for me HOMIE! I can remember scrappin back to back , throwin dogs on these suckers runnin up on these young hog

Biggie smalls sky the limit without the intro Y'know.

Eminem - business 1:08 mark So funny

Let's get down to business , Got no time to play around what is this? must be a circus in town , let's shut the shit down on these clowns can I get a witness? whole song is funny.

The hooks Kendrick lamar throws I like in Kendrick lamar ADHD , sounds like classic rap + modern

SMF 2 death of a klansman (KKK) ten blows to your foe lyrics

cassete cost 100$ theres more songs

Att Will do it at will , this cassette cost 80$ not tripping cost more and is 5 stars like a tupac album. there's more songs am not uploading.

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