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PotentHerbs said:
Kyuu said:

Can you share the source for the 60-62% tilt?

I have no doubt that Series XS has a notably stronger digital bias than PS5, especially more recently.

From what I'm gathering, recent physical splits are in the 68%-90%+ range in Playstation's favor depending on the game. So if last year's digital split (62%) carries over to this year, it should confirm the stronger digital bias on Xbox, which does make sense (between Game Pass discounts and Series S dominating the X, as opposed to PS5DE being dominated by the standard model).

I mean, even if Xbox had higher digital sales, it would need 85/90% of software sales being digital, to make any real difference in these platform sales splits. Sony has about 70ish% of their software sales coming from digital in FY21 for reference. 

But as Eva posted a few pages back, overall third party sales on the Xbox ecosystem has declined, according to Microsoft. 

I'm not arguing that digital sales on Xbox are higher than Playstation (they're obviously noticeably lower, even in the UK if 2020's report is anything to go by), let alone to the extent of making up for the increasing physical sales disparity. But a notably stronger digital bias can change the platform splits (physical+digital) by 10% or so. We need to be mindful of this rather than blindly applying physical split ratios on combined sales across the board.

As for Microsoft's 3rd party decline... I'm in the opinion that Game Pass will certainly hurt sales if it's not already doing that (refer to Ubisoft and Capcom's reports, both of which reveal or imply a greater Playstation domination in the last two fiscal years than 2014-2019). But I don't know if Microsoft's report proves much, because the 3rd party decline and 1st party increase can partly be blamed on or attributed to Zenimax transitioning from 3rd to 1st party. I think there would still be a decline even without that factored in, but it isn't at all concerning yet. Everything should be a lot clearer in a year though.