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src said:
Sogreblute said:

From what I understand Xbox has higher digital sales compared to physical. So comparing physical sales is kinda pointless. Like, isn't that the reason vgchartz stopped tracking sales, because of the digital rise?

Do you have any data to support this?

Because the data we have actively says no, Xbox users are similar to PS users in the UK in digital consumption.

"If we purely look at digital sales, PS4 had a 41% market share, ahead of Xbox One's 26%."

62% tilt for PS.

Physical software has a 60-62% tilt for PS.

Can you share the source for the 60-62% tilt?

I have no doubt that Series XS has a notably stronger digital bias than PS5, especially more recently.

From what I'm gathering, recent physical splits are in the 68%-90%+ range in Playstation's favor depending on the game. So if last year's digital split (62%) carries over to this year, it should confirm the stronger digital bias on Xbox, which does make sense (between Game Pass discounts and Series S dominating the X, as opposed to PS5DE being dominated by the standard model).